As part of my Jesuit training, I worked in Nepal with the Missionaries of Charity in a home for the dying.  While there, our Jesuit superior led a trek into the mountains near Everest. He promised us breath-taking views of Kathmandu. I did lose my breath from altitude sickness but saw nothing, because as we climbed bright clouds engulfed us. I went to bed grumbling, only to awaken to the most magnificent view I’ve ever experienced!

Like Peter, I asked if we could linger in the moment. But too soon it was back into the mist. Yet we’d seen the beauty that draws travelers from around the world. For a few moments the luminous nature of Jesus was unveiled. And then it was hidden in the mist. Yet for one brief, shining moment the apostles saw and knew Him as God’s beloved. Through memory and imagination, grace guides us on this “Mist-ical  Journey” to remember who we are.

—J. Michael Sparough, S.J. is a Retreat Master and Spiritual Director at the Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House outside Chicago. He blogs weekly at