In Luke’s Gospel, Jesus sends the disciples out in pairs to prepare the way for him and to declare that “the Kingdom of God is at hand for you.” There is something to be said about sending the apostles out in pairs, not only for safety purposes, but for moral support, faith support and accountability. As Jesus calls each of us to labor with and for him, we are being sent “like lambs among wolves.” In our society where division, inequality, and injustice occur, the message of the Gospels is counter-cultural. But we are not called to do this alone. Jesus is sending us out to minister with others, whether friends, family or those from our faith communities. The challenge we face is to find individuals we can minister with. And we have the Holy Spirit to guide us. Not only does Jesus fill us with his love, he sends us. Despite adversities in sharing Jesus love and mercy, the labor he is sending us to do is a labor of love.

—Joseph Hamaty is the Executive Director of Montserrat Jesuit Retreat House in Lake Dallas, Texas.