Our everyday lives—especially those of us in urban settings—are full of loud, sometimes earsplitting noise.

In the ancient world, shepherds were held in great esteem. Their livelihood was inextricably tied to the well-being of their sheep. Sheep became so accustomed to hearing the shepherd’s voice that they could discern the specific voice of their shepherd.

Jesuit education invites all people to become “contemplatives in action” who listen to God’s voice. Each year, I have the privilege of accompanying senior students on a silent retreat to a Trappist monastery. Once they step away from the noise of the city and the pull of technology, our students hear the voice of God in the silence in a profound way.

In this Easter season, may each of us find quiet, and train our ears to hear the joyful message of the Risen Christ.

—Peter Corrigan is the Director of Formation and Ministry at Saint Ignatius College Prep, Chicago IL.