I close my eyes and imagine a world as I wish it to be, picturing a cloudless blue sky, sun dancing on the lake water. How beautiful, in my mind’s eye!

I lie down to sleep, closing my eyes, wanting to write my own dream. Will I open my eyes to a dreary cold morning and see a world with a homeless blind person sitting on a curb, someone who wishes to see what most people see? Will I walk away, because I don’t know this stranger?

Or, will I awake to a new day and walk toward this person as you would, Lord, so that I, too, may see, that I may look deeper into the heart of this person.

“Blessed are the pure of heart, for they shall see God!”  Help me to find you, God, in all people, in every circumstance, in all things.

—Kathleen Smolinski has spent her entire working life with the Jesuits, currently as an assistant in the Chicago-Detroit provincial’s office. She is the proud mother of three, grandmother of sixteen, and great-grandma of two.