Following Jesus can often seem daunting, if not impossible. Who am I to spread the Good News? What do I possibly have to offer the sick, lonely, afraid, marginalized, or outcasts in society?

Today’s Gospel reading reminds us we don’t need much. As Jesus sends his disciples to minister and heal, he advises them to take no extra money, luggage, clothing, or accessories. The message is clear: what empowers us as we go through life is not the security of what we have but the peace of knowing God has us.

Given the significance of Jesus’ mission, it is easy to overlook the glaring imperfections and often embarrassing ordinariness of his missionaries. But time and time again, we see him extend a hand to sinners and people who feel unworthy. If these people are good enough to do God’s work, why not us?

Which of my flaws have left me afraid to give all I have in responding to God? How might God be calling me to use both my strengths and weaknesses to serve others?

—Brian Harper works in Chicago as a communications specialist for the Chicago-Detroit and Wisconsin Jesuit provinces.