Paul and Barnabas made a great missionary team. Their travels took them all over Greece and Asia Minor where they were often misunderstood, persecuted, and expelled from various towns. Yet they found both grace and courage to “shake the dust from their feet” as they continued to spread the word about Jesus, alive and risen. Think of the problems they faced: meeting new communities, finding lodging and food, dealing with challenge and hostility, overcoming discouragement. Wherever they traveled, they did so with the assurance of Jesus that “whatever you ask me  in my name, I will do.”

Perhaps this weekend offers a helpful moment to reflect on my own journey of faith:

–What steps do I take to nurture this faith?
–Whom do I rely on as companions along the road?
–Do others recognize the face of Jesus in my words and deeds:
My neighbors? My co-workers? Those I live with?
–What do I ask today in the name of Jesus?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team