Our relationships one with another are crucial because it is only in relationship that the words of Jesus come alive in our world. It is only through our role as witnesses of the resurrection, witnesses of forgiveness and peace, that the transforming message of Jesus takes flesh here and now. It all began with Jesus and the apostles in the upper room. Down through the centuries, through an amazing cast of characters whom we designate as sinners and saints, the good news about Jesus has come finally to you and me.

And, while each of us has wonderful heroes and mentors, my guess is that most often our faith is shaped and strengthened by very ordinary people just doing their job, going about their daily business. But isn’t that the point — this business of living the gospel is all about you and me, and how each day we throw in our lot with Jesus of Nazareth, alive and risen!

So just how do we spread the peace and forgiveness of Jesus?  Perhaps it will be in the aisles of a supermarket or in a meeting at work; perhaps on an iPad or out on the street; perhaps in the process of enduring a difficult illness or family challenge; or maybe as we spend time with someone who needs words of challenge and hope.

In any of these situations, you and I are witnesses to Jesus: we are the Church alive and active in the midst of our world. Thus our actions do count; our ongoing attitudes and daily decisions do matter. Let us not run from the invitation Jesus offers today. In terms of today’s gospel, let us not persist in our unbelief, but believe.

One final thought:  notice that the only place Jesus allows people to touch him after the resurrection is in his wounds. So could it be that Jesus still invites us to touch his wounds?

Could it be that Jesus touches our own wounded-ness through one another? Could it be that Jesus uses our very wounds to mend and heal the brokenness of our world?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team, Chicago-Detroit Province Jesuits