This saying is hard. Who can accept it…

This brings to mind:

– Trying to do grammar school math homework with my kids
– Double session conditioning drills before high school try-outs
– Working construction
– Waiting in a Doctor’s office for test results
–  Accounting and stats classes in College

This is hard!

I am currently trying to make the Spiritual Exercises and have a great Jesuit coach. In the section on the “Call of Christ Our King” there is a discussion of MAGIS. Now I am not a Jesuit, but I would define it as a call to greater service and generosity. I see this not as a search for perfectionism, nor a suggestion to become a workaholic. I note St. Ignatius’ sentence: “Mediocrity has no place in a disciple’s response.”  Just going through the motions will not get it done.

Following Jesus is not easy. I continue to try to accept that I do not have control and trust in his plan. Not mine. I continue to try and savor the daily graces Jesus gives me and enjoy each day as the gift from him that it truly is.

So if we want to follow Jesus it will not always be easy. But with the goal of pursuing the “greater good” for God’s “greater glory” we can certainly get over t This is Hard! stuff.

—Bill Burke has been a member of the Midwest Jesuit advancement team for three years; he is currently
on a leave of absence.