Today’s gospel highlights the human experience of finding a huge treasure causing great delight. In the news media we see the thrill of someone who has come upon a sudden good fortune. And all of us have experienced the pain of losing something and the joy of finding it again. Let’s translate this into the fabric of our religious life. What is the “pearl of great price” for you? What gives you passion and zeal? What really motivates you religiously and gives you focus and energy and delight? Have you found it or are you still searching?

Don’t give a too-quick answer or just a catechetical definition. Rather, in the spirit of St. Ignatius, pray over this and let the Holy Spirit reveal the answer that God has already planted in your heart. Not just the answer but the “fire and passion” hidden within that answer. Something uniquely yours. A pearl of great price . . . It’s yours!.

—Fr. Jim Serrick, S.J. is a long-time musician, liturgist, and pastor. He currently serves at Colombiere Jesuit Center, Clarkston, MI.