It’s Halloween weekend, a great family time for the ghosts and goblins, pirates and princes, who come to our doors shouting “Trick or Treat.” It is also a time when the seasons change, the harvest is in, the chilly November winds are about to blow. In the coming days we will celebrate both the “All Saints” and “All Souls” feasts.” These days remind us of our family history, the heritage of the communities where we live, those neighbors and friends and other local “characters” who make our days interesting…and sometimes challenging.
You and I might sometimes complain about the “daily grind”—the daily sameness of life that can sometimes hang heavy on our hands and hearts. This weekend and the holy days that follow invite us to cherish our families and neighbors, classmates and friends. They are all saints and sinners like ourselves. They inspire and challenge us; they are bearers of grace, occasionally stumbling blocks of insight and opportunity. Look around you — look in the mirror: the grit and glory of God’s Reign are in our midst!
—The Jesuit prayer team