Our spirits our often shackled in laws of oppression which confine our creativity. What would it look like if I didn’t allow my fear of what others may think to rule my life? My worry of losing status or privilege? My refusal to let go of a grudge? There are many ways we bind ourselves up, making ourselves slaves to laws rather than co-workers with our Savior.

Our justification in the Spirit, does not mean there are no commands – Jesus asked us to love God and neighbor as self, to serve others as we have been served. This is no easy task when thought of as laws and regulations – do’s and don’ts. Jesus invites us out of rigidity into creativity – creative, new, joy-filled ways to share his love and grace.

In prayer, ask Jesus to show you and free you from those things that keep you from loving him and those around you.

—Michael Tedone, S.J., a Jesuit of the California Province, is studying philosophy at Loyola University Chicago.