In today’s world, the idea of freedom has been distorted. We live in a country where our freedoms are protected, but we turn our backs and choose to enslave ourselves. As a result, like the Jews in the Gospel, we are oppressed by our own sin and allow the temptation of wealth, power, honor, and pleasure to control us. True freedom, as Jesus demonstrates, is not license, but rather becoming the person God wills us to be.

Just as Jesus obeyed the Father’s will and died for all of humanity, we too must show obedience to God. I often find myself focused on my own desires and inattentive to what God intends for me. How often do we close our minds and hearts to the will of God? This Lent, let us be sure to listen and discern God’s will for us through prayer. Let us humbly obey God’s word and allow the truth to set us free.

—Andrew Perz is a senior at St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland OH.