The first reading tells us of the persecution of the early Church and how Saul was trying to destroy it.  How often have you felt persecuted?  Perhaps you felt defeated by obstacles when trying to do the right thing. Shouldn’t it be easier to be a good person?  

Today we are reminded that it often isn’t. Our best efforts will often meet with great resistance. But from that resistance, God’s will is still done. The scattering of the early Church brought the Good News to distant lands, like the scattering of seeds. We can’t know God’s plan fully; we can’t always see the life that will come from the seeds we sow. But we can trust that his way is the right way – even if it seems wrong to us.  So today, put your trust in God and know, that no matter what happens, God is in control.

Elizabeth A. Colborn is an English teacher at Saint Ignatius High School in Cleveland, and is the moderator for the Young Authors Club.  She is belongs to St. Brendan parish in North Olmsted, Ohio, where she is a member of the Pastoral Parish Council, a lector and Eucharistic minister.