How befitting this reading is for today and in these times. The first words speak of the last hour, and here we are in the waning hours of 2015. Like the lines that follow, we see so much evil in our world; so many “antichrists” rising up to spread hatred and fear. And yet this scripture passage also comforts us by pointing to our knowledge of the Holy One and His anointing upon us. It is in His truth that we will prevail.

As we enter this New Year, let us hold fast to the truth that is Christ Jesus. He is our refuge and protection. He is our courage and motivation. Through our knowledge of Him and anointing in Him, our “ordinary” becomes “extraordinary”. We can look forward to 2016 with a hope rooted in the Holy One. For in Him, there is no defeat.

—Michael Gabriele serves as Director of Communications for the Maryland Province of the Society of Jesus, and is a graduate of Loyola University Maryland..