In today’s Gospel, Jesus is preparing  for his passion, death, and resurrection.  He wants to make sure he tells his disciples what they need to know so that they “may not fall away.” Most importantly, he tells of the Holy Spirit, the Advocate,whom he will send from the Father. The Holy Spirit who will continue the work of Jesus by bearing witness to the Truth, who will be a guide every step of the way and be our strength in Jesus’ absence. That message wasn’t only meant for the disciples, for it applies to us too. We are Jesus’ loved ones, and his final words weren’t only meant for those present at that moment. That message was said for everyone who trusts in his ways.

Today, let us pray to the Holy Spirit that we may be loving witnesses, especially to those who have “fallen away” from the faith.  

—Mary Lou Manion is an intern in the spiritual direction program at Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House, Barrington, IL.