Today’s Gospel dwells in me with a theme of forgiveness. The passages we have been reading from Matthew have been drilling us with the idea of community, of being one with each other. After reading today’s passage specifically, I think about how we perceive and love one another. Instead of having anger or grudges towards those around us, we must seek peace, forgiveness and understanding. It is then that harmony may prevail.

I think about conflicts in our world today and how resolutions could be obtained without conflict. This is the call of today’s Gospel. In our own personal lives and in society, we must become voices of peace and reconciliation. Matthew writes, “be reconciled with your brother, and then come and offer your gift.” Reconcile, so that we may put energy in our gifts that may bring all of God’s children closer to the Kingdom of heaven.

—Mark Ehrbar is Co-Director of Music at Gesu Church, University Heights, OH.