Jesus gives us powerful images of life and growth today: the tiny mustard seed which, when full-grown, becomes quite a larger plant. And the yeast which a mother kneads into a large batch of flour…eventually the whole mass of dough begins to rise. Finally the parable of the weeds and wheat growing side by side until the harvest.

Jesus has a helpful point in this parable of the weeds and wheat: be careful about your judgments. If our human freedom is one of God’s greatest gifts, then we know we are always capable of a change of heart. Actually, isn’t there a bit of the weeds growing alongside some fine wheat in each of our lives? So who are we to judge who might be “good” or “bad” amongst our neighbors and co-workers and family members? The truth is that life’s natural planting and hoeing and manuring and watering will in the end allow God to take good care of the final sorting out.

As we enjoy the summer sunshine with so many family and community activities and events, can you and I hand over the mustard seeds of our lives to God’s loving care? As we believe, so let us live. Happy summer!

—The Jesuit Prayer Team