I say I do a lot of things for God. But I probably exaggerate a bit and probably overstate my actual motivations: Am I really a Jesuit out of love for God? Or a diligent social work student? Or a committed companion among migrants and refugees? Or a thoughtful community member?

I’d like to think that even the small parts of my life, like checking my e-mail, washing my hands, or Skype-ing my parents every Sunday, all fit into an integrated whole: I do these things because I love God and God’s gifts. But I’m not so sure.

Jesus challenges the Pharisees today. Again. Maybe for the same thing—honoring God with their lips, but not with their hearts. I understand that motivations are always mixed and never entirely pure, but today’s gospel still invites me: How can I put more heart into my acts, small or large?

—Garrett Gundlach, S.J. is a Jesuit scholastic from the Wisconsin Province. He is engaged in Master of Social Work studies at Loyola University Chicago