Pretty much throughout my school years I felt called to excel academically. For several years I felt called to become a Jesuit priest. The call to marriage and children became stronger than the call to religious life. In business I felt called to work hard for the company, customers and society. I have felt called in so many different ways during the course of my life. I suspect you may have the same experience.

So what is the call of Andrew, Peter, James and John we read about in today’s gospel, and how does it relate to the various callings I have experienced?

As I reflect on my “callings” they have a couple of things in common; using the talents God has given me to the fullest; and constantly asking and answering the question “what does love require.” God creates us from his infinite, pure and unconditional love. He calls us to share that love with the people he puts in our lives and those who are marginalized.

The call of the Kingdom never ceases and it is always about love as we live it concretely in our everyday lives.

—David McNulty serves as Assistant for Operations at the Chicago-Detroit Jesuit Province.