Today’s gospel parable from St. Luke is a challenging invitation to reflect upon those things to which one clings. As Jesus tells the moral of the parable, a question arises; what matters to God? It seems that Ignatian spirituality suggests the following; to use things and love people, and not the reverse. The invitation continues, inviting to review all gifts that God offers… friends, family, co-workers, companions.  Focusing on things leads to ignoring or hurting relationships.  To keep first the greater glory of God (AMDG) with focus and intentionality helps in loving people.

An important connection: As the founder of the Society of Jesus earned a master’s degree, the name on his diploma was not Iñigo, but “Ignatius,” which he adopted in Paris and used for the rest of his life. (It is speculated that he named himself after a saint he admired – Ignatius of Antioch.  Do you admire Ignatius of Antioch?)

—Fr. Kevin Schneider, SJ is the Director of Adult Spiritual Enrichment Programs at Creighton Preparatory School, Omaha, NE.