Mary of Magdalene went… Moments earlier she is weeping, searching, probably bargaining with God for a different ending. In a split-second recognition, it all changes. Eyes opened at the sound of her name. Jesus says, “Go.” Mary Magdalene went… without attachment, to do what God created her to do. In the First Principle and Foundation, St. Ignatius challenges us to live with indifference to our current state in life, not preferring health to sickness, riches to poverty, a long life to a short life, and only consider the choices that will bring us closer to what God created us to be.  Mary Magdalene is an incredible example of the strength and focus needed for this challenge.

God says, “Go.” Where are you going? What choices are moving you closer to what God created you to be? What choices distract you from “seeing the Lord?”

—Jackie Beale-DelVecchio is a middle school religion teacher at the Sacred Heart Schools, Chicago, IL.