Why in the world did Jesus use the example of perceiving a wooden beam in one’s eye in his effort to teach us the danger of judging others? Recalling the difficulty of removing a simple eyelash from my eye, I can hardly imagine dealing with anything even slightly larger – never mind a wooden beam!

In spite of the rather interesting and somewhat humorous image this connotes, perhaps Jesus is reminding us that it would be a wise move on our part to reflect on just how well we are personally meeting the standards we often set for others. Then, we might honestly ask, “Am I prepared to be judged by anyone who witnesses my words or actions?”

Pope Francis has it right: “Who am I to judge?”

—Sr. Ann Romayne Fallon, O.P. is an Adrian Dominican sister with notable experience in high school and diocesan administration. Currently she provides pastoral ministry to the Dominican community in Adrian MI.