In Mere Christianity, C.S. Lewis posits that there are only three choices to answer Herod’s age-old question, “Who is Jesus?” He is either lunatic, liar or Lord.

First choice: Jesus was a lunatic, a crazed person who believed himself God in the same vein that another might think himself a poached egg. Second choice: Jesus was a liar, a skilled con man who has deceived millions. Third option: the credal affirmation, “I believe in one Lord Jesus Christ.”

This third option answers Herod’s question for many of us. But is such a rote affirmation enough? I think the life of Jesus begs a more focused question: “Who is Jesus to me?” “If I affirm him as my Lord, shouldn’t that impact the way I live?” Let’s pause to consider: How will my actions today reflect my belief that Jesus is Lord of my life?

—Howard Craig is the director of advancement for the Midwest Jesuits. He and his wife Cheryl have five daughters, six grandkids, and two dogs.