Earlier this week, I saw a dad holding hands with his son. The little boy looked so happy to be with his dad, and tell him that they needed to wait for the light to change before they could cross the street. I felt the father’s joy and delight in his son—as a mother, I could relate. It was the morning rush hour, but despite the chaos, the father and son were totally united, like they were glowing in God’s love.

That experience drew me to Peter in today’s first reading, as he faced criticism over who could be part of the community of faith. Would I have recognized the love on the street that morning, if I was preoccupied with this father’s religion, race, economics or political views? I’m not sure. But that morning I saw a father who loves his son. What does that tell us about God’s love for us?

Who are the “Gentiles” in your life? Is there someone or “types of someones” that bring out criticism in you? Bring that to prayer today, and ask God how you can bring them closer to Him. Then ask for the grace to see how they can draw you closer to Him, too.

—Kristin Dillon is a lay minister who has worked with Charis Ministries and Holy Name Cathedral. She lives in Chicago with her husband and son