In this parable the tenant farmers seem to have completely forgotten that the vineyard is not their own. They did none of the work of establishing it. It was not even the initiative of their own conception. If they have not forgotten, they most certainly deny the reality that they were given the vineyard as a place to live, work, and produce good wine not only for themselves but, even more importantly, for the true owner.                                 

Wine brings joy and love and is meant to be shared. It is a celebratory symbol of all that God has done throughout salvation history to fashion a people for Himself and, through them, bring about complete unity among all people and ultimately peace on earth.

From the beginning, God has done the work of establishing his covenant and will continue to send the Holy Spirit through his son Jesus, to people of good will.

Jess Charles McGaa serves as Parish Life Coordinator at Sacred Heart Catholic Church Pine Ridge, South Dakota.