A contradiction with Ignatian discernment is that “indifference” is far different from its more common usage: I am indifferent = I don’t care.  In the Ignatian sense, to be indifferent is to care whole-heartedly towards something, with full desire and hope; but with equally full openness and freedom towards whatever the outcome. In other words, it would be with full hope but no expectation.

Today’s first reading is tempting to gloss over as “well, that’s really nice and pretty” but out of reach to normal human persons. Easier said than done!  A way to pray with this is to receive God’s indifference:  that God hopes all of these things for us, but has no expectation of the results.

Still, we must strive will all our heart, with all our mind and all our strength to accomplish these in our lives. Can I trust that these are enough for our God of heartfelt compassion, kindness, humility, gentleness, and patience?

—Fr. Glen Chun, S.J. serves as the genial minister of the Loyola University Jesuit community, Chicago IL.