Today’s Gospel is a wonderful reminder of the profound mission entrusted to the apostles of Jesus – the mission to witness. It is no surprise that they are at first alarmed and confused by the presence of Jesus after his death, but it is this encounter with the risen Christ that is central to their future witness to others who did not share the same encounter.  Their initial feelings of fright and uncertainty quickly turned to joy and amazement. These positive emotions aid in their witness of Jesus’ resurrection, despite those who continued to feel confused or doubtful.

As I consider the apostles’ willingness to embrace the resurrection with excitement and passion, I must ask myself: Do I witness the joy, love, and salvation of the resurrection still today? Am I continuing the mission of the first apostles to witness to the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus by virtue of my life?

—Sadie Curtin serves as Co-Director of Faith Formation at the Church of the Gesu, University Heights, OH.