What a profound statement of faith! Whenever I hear this Gospel it always amazes me that Peter, a simple fisherman, declares with absolute certainty that this itinerant preacher is the Messiah. But of course Peter goes on to prove his lack of faith by not accepting Jesus’ teaching.

So often I am more like the second Peter, lacking faith, not understanding God’s ways. I wish I were more like the first Peter and could recognize, with absolute clarity, the presence of God in the world. To be able to see Christ in another person or in an act of kindness or even within myself. Sometimes I need that rainbow in the clouds or a smile from a stranger to recognize the awesome presence of Christ.

Let us pray that we can keep our eyes and our hearts open to see Christ in our beautiful, messed-up world.

—Margaret Horner earned a Master of Pastoral Studies degree from St. Francis de Sales Seminary in Milwaukee. She currently serves as the Director of Liturgy at Gesu Parish, Milwaukee, WI.