The Divine Logos, the Son, has for all time been preparing a place for us.

We have a place here. It is our place among those who believe that at the center of all reality is a loving God who intensely desires to dwell with us and in us. We who believe proclaim God’s love for all. We proclaim God’s sharing in our joys and sorrows. We proclaim God’s care for the poor and the oppressed.

Jesus tells us that he has entered to Kingdom to prepare a place for us. We who believe desire to journey with the Lord and so to enter into the dwelling prepared for us.

We aren’t likely to end up sitting on a cloud strumming a harp. The Kingdom is beyond place and time. It will be a position within relationships. We will dwell with those we have loved (and those we didn’t like very much!). Because these relationships will be through and with Christ the Lord, we will have eternal joy.

Lord, help me to grow beyond my place here into the dwelling you have prepared for me!

—Fr. Robert Flack, S.J. is a retreat director at Bellarmine Jesuit Retreat House, Barrington IL.