Welcome to the new home of the IN Network!

What is this place and just what is the IN Network? IN Network is…

• An online gateway for dynamic content viewed through an Ignatian lens…

• This website, a mobile app, our Facebook page and Twitter account

• Webisodes, blogs, and articles

• Timely stories around current social issues, original scripted content, and feature presentations

• Created for the thinking, curious, action-oriented individual

• Tapping into the global reach of the Jesuit network

• Developing partnerships with a community of IN Agents (this could be you!)

IN Network is an invitation to get INformed and INspired — to get IN!

IN Network is a part of Loyola Productions Inc. a nonprofit creative media company that builds on the 450-year-old Jesuit tradition of effective involvement in the communication arts. LPI’s mainstream films and TV series grapple with issues of cultural, economic, political and religious diversity, always focusing on the most compelling human stories, stories that entertain while touching minds and hearts. LPI’s award-winning documentaries, promotional films and instructional videos reflect the Jesuit commitment to education and social justice.

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