Growing up in a small Indiana town, I prayed that one day I’d be a big Broadway playwright. I knew God must share my excitement as I imagined my name up in lights. Over the years, as my life unfolded in other directions, I wondered if God cared much about those old dreams.

I have a feeling God cares very much about our hopes and dreams, even when the results may not come how, when or where we expect them. It must have been ages since Zechariah and Elizabeth dared to pray for a family of their own. But late in life, Zechariah saw not one but two dreams come to pass: becoming a father, and to the child who would announce the Messiah’s arrival. How his heart must have lifted as age-old disappointments gave way to joy!

Is there a dream you feel has been delayed or forgotten by God? Consider returning with it to him in prayer. We never know how old passions might ignite new plans to build his kingdom!

—Joe Kraemer, SJ, is a scholastic of the West Province currently in Regency in the Advancement Office at Sacred Heart Jesuit Center in Los Gatos, California.


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