What strikes me about the synagogue official is his determination to get Jesus to come down and heal his son. Jesus scoffs at the people’s “seeing signs and wonders.” Watch what happens next: not rebuffed by Jesus’ attitude, the official insists that Jesus come with him to heal his son. Jesus tells him, “Your son will live,” and that’s enough for the official. He had come to Jesus, not seeking “signs and wonders” but only life for his son. When Jesus tells him “Your son will live,” he is satisfied because he believes Jesus’ word.  

He returns home, is told that his son got better when Jesus said he would, and he has a sign that his active faith in the word of Jesus brought life. And that sign led to his whole household coming to believe in the word and person of Jesus. He was led beyond the wonders to new life, a new creation.

—Fr. Jim Riley, S.J. serves as assistant to the Jesuit superior at Colombiere Center, Clarkston, MI.