I hate skimming. One of the reasons why I read is just for the sheer joy of reading. But, as a student, sometimes skimming is necessary if I want to be able to get everything done. Sometimes life requires us to skim. One of the things I tend to skim on is God. I skip Mass more than I would like to because of schoolwork, or meetings, or other obligations.

Today’s gospel reminds us that God wants us to be all in. No skimming allowed. Which is hard when you feel like you have a million things to do. But it’s important to remember that we have all these things to do because God has blessed us with gifts and opportunities; and, in return, we should give it all back to God.

What little thing can I sacrifice today to make more time in my life for God?

—Lauren Zyber is a student at St. Mary’s College, Notre Dame, IN. Lauren and her family are parishioners at St. Mary Student Parish, Ann Arbor MI.