One of the most inspiring meditations in the Spiritual Exercises of St. Ignatius is the Two Standards. [cf. Spiritual Exercises ##136-147]. I love considering how the Lord of all the world chooses so many persons—apostles, disciples, etc.—and sends them forth throughout all the world. What I imagine is that God not only wants to spread good news through all states and conditions of persons, but also that he engages different people from all states and conditions for this mission.

In the gospel of Mark, we read today that Jesus appointed twelve whom he named “apostles.” We are also called to follow Jesus and to be apostles to fulfill three specific functions: walking with Jesus, announcing his word, and acting with the authority given to us. It does not matter how sinful we are since we are called to be with Jesus. He transforms our hearts, making us able to spread good news across the world.  And so our actions inspired by Jesus will transform our surroundings to become better communities and thereby to heal our suffering world.

—Fr. Hugo Nelson Gomez-Sevilla is a Jesuit from Colombia, currently pursuing graduate studies in educational leadership at Loyola University Chicago.