Jesus is passing by; Zacchaeus is ready. He climbs a tree to assure himself of a good view. Little did Zacchaeus think Jesus would actually notice him, stop and invite himself to dine in his home.  

Jesus continually passes by.  But do I take steps to notice him? Do I recognize him in my family, my co-workers, the elderly person in the grocery line, the homeless person begging outside the local supermarket? Do I see him in the face of refugees on the evening news? Do I see him in the victims of senseless violence on our city streets?

It is so easy to categorize people and not experience them as individual persons through whom the Lord reveals himself.  He takes notice of me through others.  He stands at my door and knocks.  Am I ready to open and offer him hospitality?

—Fr. Don Petkash, S.J. serves as Vice-President for Mission and Identity at Walsh Jesuit High School, Stow, OH.