God was in the whispering sound. How many of us hold images of God that anticipate God’s appearance in the wind, the earthquake, or the fire? We often look for God in these loud, perhaps obvious signs without ever really listening to that whispering sound. I used to listen to the radio on my walk to and from work, but recently, I have begun walking without my radio in order to return to the whisper. I often find thoughts and insights that I would have otherwise never found simply by opening my mind up to the possibility of the whispering of nature. Making space in my life that allows the quiet whisper to penetrate the cacophony of outside noise deepens my reflections and brings me closer to God.

Liliana Mamani Condori is a Peruvian lawyer pursuing a master’s degree in theological studies at Boston College. Sam Hay is finishing his MA in Theology and Ministry at B.C., and currently works for its School of Education.