As the smallest seed, the mustard seed appears to be insignificant. Yet, Jesus tells us that it’s precisely this small seed that becomes a large bush. It is audacious, breaking the mold and making possible what appears to be impossible.

We too are to be like the mustard seed, patiently yet persistently nourishing our faith in the God of life and our commitment to bringing about the kingdom of God, being audacious in breaking out of the confines of the status quo, of the walls that separate us from each other. We are invited to place our faith and our hope in the smallest of seeds, trusting that with God we can reap abundant harvests, that we can collaborate with God in God’s liberating and redeeming mission.

How is God calling us to place our trust in what is seemingly impossible and to be bold in realizing the kingdom of God?

—Matt Ippel, SJ, is a Jesuit scholastic in the Midwest Province studying philosophy at the Universidad Antonio Ruiz de Montoya in Lima, Peru.