In today’s Gospel, Jesus brings to fruition the law established by Moses and fulfills the promises from the Old Testament. The law was followed perfectly by Christ. Therefore, the objective of the law is that we learn to look to Christ himself, not just the written rules, for our righteousness. I like to think of Christ as the manifestation of the law.

Jesus calls all to “obey and teach” the commandments, something no doubt easier said than done. It helps me to remember that, when I obey God’s will, I am taking my place in the fulfillment of the law just as Jesus did so perfectly. In this Lenten season, let’s do our best to perform the corporal and spiritual works of mercy, to put on the face of Jesus for the rest of the world, and be a means of bringing God’s life and love to others as Jesus taught us.

—Andrew Perz is a senior at St. Ignatius High School, Cleveland OH.