You chose me to find the love of my life and to call her my wife for 34 years.
You chose me to be the Father of two beautiful and strong daughters who have grown into young women.
You chose me for two loving, generous , faith filled parents.
You chose me to have 5 wonderful siblings and their families to be a part of my life.
You chose me to have so many thoughtful and kind in-laws in-laws (especially Jeanne, Joanie and Jimbo),
and other relatives and good friends.
You chose me to go to JCU and make life time relationships that exit 40+ years later.
You chose me for ALS and have given me the grace to “Keep the Faith with No Moping”.

There is a plan. We all have a purpose.
We desire long life and “success”. But that is our plan. We need to trust His plan. We might not understand it during our lifetime. We might consider his plan unfair and make us angry. God still loves us…like a good parent.
Trust in him and his Plan. He chose us.

—Bill Burke has been a member of the Midwest Jesuit advancement team for three years; he is currently on a leave of absence.