We hear in the first reading today that Peter and John were recognized as “companions of Jesus.” The last time Peter was recognized as a companion of Jesus he was denying it three times. Now people are “observing the boldness” of Peter and John. How is it that these early followers of Jesus, who had denied, ran, and hid are now bold and courageous to the opposition?  The answer is, they encountered Christ. Even after the resurrection, some still do not believe as Jesus appeared to Mary Magdalene and the men going to Emmaus.

Jesus had to go to them as they hid in a room or went back to what they knew on a fishing boat. Christ does not give up on them, and Christ does not give up on us. Let us encounter Christ today in our prayer, in our actions, and in others. Through this encounter we can experience the same resurrected Jesus that helped the early disciples be bold in their faith.

—Brother Pat Douglas, S.J.is Vocation Promoter for the Wisconsin Province of the Society of Jesus and a residence hall chaplain at Creighton University, Omaha NE  Click Here