Today’s Gospel of Mark opens with Jesus’ baptism by John the Baptist.  The passage concludes with Jesus receiving clear confirmation of his life and his ministry.  Imagine how the fully human Jesus must have felt so relieved, affirmed, and loved upon hearing these words of God!  This same, human Jesus, like us, must have been uncertain about how things would unfold for him.  Like other human beings, he felt anxious and fearful about things.  

Yet his prayers and discernment led to him approach the banks of the Jordan River to partake in a ritual confirmation of his ministry.  In what ways might we ask God for confirmation that we are on the right path?  Are we open to a message that perhaps God is inviting us to take a different sort of road, but always a road on which we are asked to be loving?

—Matt Kemper is the Director of Community Service at St. Xavier High School in Cincinnati.




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