Do you feel like an apostle? What is an apostle anyway? ‘One who is sent’. Those twelve encountered Jesus and it changed their lives: God’s forgiving, healing and transforming love became real to them in Jesus. And they had to go off – tell the world!

If you are reading this, in some way, maybe very deeply, you too have ‘encountered Jesus’. You’ve made the breakthrough, you’re no longer indifferent, floating along; now Jesus is more and more ‘pulling’ you along in mysterious ways.

How to share this will people around you? Each generation has to find ways to do it. But make no mistake about it – if you’ve encountered Jesus, this didn’t happen just for you. Like anything really good, it’s meant to be shared. Talk to others who have encountered Jesus, we’re in this together in the church. Be creative apostles!

—Fr.Mark Henninger, S.J., a philosophy professor by trade, now serves as a pastoral care chaplain at Loyola University Medical Center, Maywood, IL.