What an insight into Jesus’ family dynamics! Jesus and his disciples are constantly in demandit’s even hard for them to enjoy a meal together. Amid all the miracles, healing, and forgiveness Jesus pours out to the community, his relatives get wind of the news. Rather than excitement, their response is one of cynical scorn: “He is out of his mind!” It’s easy to picture them rolling their eyes at each other, dismissing Jesus and his ministry with a scoff.

Of course, hindsight is 20/20. We know the truth about Jesuswe know the end of the story. But do I behave like Jesus’ relatives sometimes? When I hear an amazing story about a miracle, an answered prayer, or a life turned around, is my first response skeptical? Am I willing to believe that God wants to work through everyone’s life, not just the people I would expect?

Maggie Melchior is a convert to the Catholic faith. She currently serves as Coordinator of New Evangelization and Faith Formation for a parish in the Diocese of Green Bay.