Only Our Lord would be grateful, give thanks, and attempt to feed thousands with seven loaves and a few fish. Not just because he is God, but because he is humble enough and believes that he can change people’s lives. Reflecting on this miracle, what an inspirational moment, that these people were willing to go hungry for days just to remain in his presence and hear his message.

That first Christmas Jesus had so little, yet he had all that he needed, his mother, the Father, and their unconditional love.  During Advent, as we prepare for Christmas, let’s remember what makes Christmas blessed: not presents, but Christ’s presence…and what we should be seeking is Christ’s presence among us, in our families, our neighbors, our workmates, our friends, and in our lives. This simple, yet obvious aspect of Christmas is far too often overlooked.

Where is our Lord present in your life?

John and Katie Nicolau are active members of Our Lady of Perpetual Help parish in Glenview IL, where they have lived for over 23 years. They have been married for 32 years and have 4 children, three of whom graduated from Loyola Academy, Wilmette, IL, John’s alma mater. John also serves on the board of Charis, a Jesuit ministry for young adults.