A hungry, wailing child finds no respite in anything or anyone other than the source of their food and nourishment, their mother’s milk. A child, moments after filling his/her belly with milk, stills on a mother’s lap staring straight into a mother’s eyes with a look of contentment and joy.  Infants latch on to the only thing they know can bring them peace, and there is nothing that deters them from seeking the source that can provide it.

The world offers us many choices and options to find our peace, the way a frazzled parent desperately offers a multitude of choices to a wailing child attempting to help them find peace before milk can be offered and the child satisfied. We must seek the source of our peace, our Lord, with the determination of a hungry child. It is in you, O Lord, we find our peace.

—Becky Eldredge is a spiritual director, writer, retreat facilitator and mom of three.