What?  Where?  Why?  But we just…The baby was just…how can we…?  Joseph must have been fraught with so many questions. What a conversation must have occurred in that dream. Joseph responded with resolute purpose in confidence that the angel of the Lord was true. Herod must have been overwhelmed with fear that he would lose his empire to this child. Joseph was overwhelmed with the assurance that the will of the Lord be done. The experiences that Joseph already had led him to extraordinary trust in the message in the dream.

Have my experiences invited me to trust? Will this trust overwhelm my fears? Watching and praying with local and global events of violence can lead to despair. Beg the Father to help overwhelm the fear and respond with confidence for His joy and mercy. May we be filled with invitations to act with Peace.

Fr. Kevin Schneider, S.J. is Director of Adult Spiritual Enrichment Programs at Creighton Prep, Omaha, NE.