Our Easter season journey through the Acts of the Apostles gives numerous examples of situations where the early followers of Jesus suffered “for the sake of Jesus’ name.” Some suffered imprisonment, torture, even death. These men and women rejoiced that they were found worthy to share in Jesus’ passion and even death.

In our own time Christians continue to suffer in various ways “for the sake of the Name.” And in our secularized culture it isn’t always popular to be known as Christian or Catholic. Perhaps as you read these lines you remember some situation where you or someone close to you experienced ridicule, rejection or worse for following Jesus and standing up for his values.

Pope Francis reminds us that, in such moments, Jesus hastens to support and feed us…perhaps not with barley loaves and fish, but with courage and strength to live the gospel and follow in Jesus’ steps…even when doing so gets tough.

For me what exactly does living and working “for the sake of the name” mean in practical terms?

—The Jesuit Prayer Team