I am no gardener extraordinaire. With all the gardening, sowing, and reaping imagery this Saturday, I am reminded about how often I fall short and think about the things I do in my physical life that have no impact on my spiritual life.  In my prayer, though, I am reminded that because God redeems all things, my physical and spiritual lives are interconnected.

In each of our very feeble endeavors, we are called to allow space for God to enter in and redeem it where we fall short. To let go of control, to find freedom, and to know that, while my hand might physically sow a seed, any fruitfulness is truly the work of God.

How are we practicing our spiritual lives by the way we live our physical lives? What do I need to let go of today to give the Spirit room to work with and in me?

—Emily Schumacher-Novak lives in Milwaukee, WI, and works in Jesuit Higher Education and Ignatian Spirituality.