For those of you who, like me, were often overlooked in gym class; chosen last for the dodgeball team because we were either seen as less coordinated; or ran too slow or couldn’t even throw a ball straight—we can easily feel forgotten, pushed aside, unimportant, with no sense of purpose.

We see this throughout the Scriptures. David is seemingly forgotten, and not even considered by his father as a fitting choice. Similarly with the blind man on the side of the road—so many locals completely ignored him, chose not to “see” him, or even throw a few coins at him. Yet Jesus walks by and does take notice, has great compassion, and heals him.

In each of these stories, Jesus shows no partiality. Grace is freely given. Jesus sees something more, and unlocks possibility. Grace given and lives forever changed!

—Fr. Michael Bayard, S.J. serves as Provincial Assistant for parishes and spiritual ministries of the Oregon and California Jesuit provinces.