Many times in our lives we may be faced with challenging decisions or moral dilemmas, just as Joseph was. Joseph had to choose between being the father of a child not his own or divorce Mary quietly so there would not be trouble. Joseph was going to choose his own plan and divorce Mary, until an angel came to him. The angel revealed God’s plan and Joseph followed.

Often we as people may think that we know what’s best for us and our life, but God actually knows what to do. Like Joseph, we need to be open to God’s guidance, even if it is different from what we first thought we would do. We need to trust in God as the problem-solver.

How has God helped you to solve a recent problem? How did God work through little moments and people around you to guide you in making the right choice? Take the time to be aware of God’s guidance in your life.

—Jaide Talmadge, class of 2015, from St. Martin dePorres High School, Cleveland OH.